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Damaged goods

Knackered iPhone
If “emotional fullfilment” can be listed as one of the goals of UX, then I suspect it must have a perverse side.

Last week, while walking home, I let my iPhone 3 slip from my hand (despite its rubber cover) and watched as its screen cracked into dozens of pieces on the ground – yet stayed otherwise in tact.

I’m not a massive fan of Apple products and the phone had been a hand-me-down from a former employer. Therefore, my initial reaction was glee at finally having an excuse to replace the thing. But bizarrely, upon discovering that it still worked without a hitch, I delicately wrapped the screen in clingfilm and continued to use it with an odd sense of satisfaction.

Because I had – however perversely – made the phone uniquely mine, I became all the more attached to it. I no longer felt like one of the iPhone carrying clones. I also had new-found respect the phone’s sturdiness as a manufactured product. The snooty smartphone had finally become a thing of substance and character.

I will obviously replace it at some point. The clingfilm wrapped look isn’t at all flattering and I don’t want to end up with a shard of screen embedded in my thigh.