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UX fieldtrip: Inition Studios

Last week I joined a group of UX types on a trip to Inition Studios in Shoreditch. Inition are dedicated to all things 3D – from 3D printing to motion capture to visualisation and augmented reality projects – and they kindly let us loose on their marvellous toys.

We got to play with AR projects like this virtual car customisation tool developed for Ford:

Ford augmented reality campaign

We saw the latest lenticular displays and stereoscopic film rigs:

Inition stereoscopic camera and 3D monitor

And we marvelled at the hulking 3D printers:

Inition 3D printer

I spent most of my time playing with and watching others figure out the gestural UIs of Inition’s augmented reality projects. It’s interesting to see people try out new and previously learned ways of interaction on unfamiliar interfaces: swiping, pinching, tilting, taking guesses about what is and isn’t a touchscreen. The playful nature of the evening and of the projects themselves seemed to encourage this kind of exploration and learning – a great lesson to anyone trying to engage users in new ways of interacting with a system or product.

Great evening. Thanks so much to the lovely Alison for putting it together and to the incredibly friendly Inition team for having us. Hope we didn’t break anything but if we did: you DID provide us with free wine and beer in the proximity of your very expensive kit.