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UX Brighton 2012: rounding up the references

The third annual UX Brighton has come and gone, leaving over 300 gorged, happy brains in its wake. The talks were typical of the conference: varied, absorbing, but above all relentlessly focused on quality content. As Jay tweeted: ‘all killer, no filler’.

I was gutted to miss some of the afternoon sessions – uni lectures beckoned – but I did manage to round up some of the references from the earlier talks. They’re ready for hoarding below or available as a shared Evernote notebook.

Alex Wright

Alex’s talk was a whirlwind tour of the web that could have been: ideas for universal networks of human knowledge which didn’t quite come to pass. Alex argued that these unrealised prototypes should not be wholly discounted: they offer us a sense of common history and, given a different context, may yet have their day.

Mark Backler

Mark took us through the practicalities and constraints of designing gestural (and voice) UIs for the Kinect. I’ve been hunting for the visual gesture builder Mark mentioned in his talk but haven’t had any luck! Stay tuned.

Guy Smith-Ferrier

Guy’s talk had all the joy and energy of someone lucky enough to share their most passionate hobby with several hundred strangers. His demo of EPOC’s EEG headset delighted the audience and offered a glimpse into the challenges of designing brain computer interfaces. I did hope he’d fetch volunteers from the audience…

The Emotive EPOC headset Guy used during the demo

Ben Bashford

In a world increasingly filled with intelligent, connected devices, how can we ease the pain of technological adoption and avoid the malady of future shock? Ben argued that the key is empathy – for people and smart gadgets alike.

Edit: with Ben’s help the list above should now be more exhaustive.

If you missed out on the conference completely, don’t fret: all the talks have been recorded. And if you attended and enjoyed yourself, tip your hat to Danny and Emmeline, the tireless power duo behind a great day for the industry.